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These 40’x10’ barge sections are 5’ tall, which keeps you close to the water which is ideal for a work platform. They can be configured in many different shapes. We often configure them with an opening in the middle for drill rigs to use safely without having to hang off the side of the barge as you typically do with a traditional barge. At 23,100 lbs they are also light enough to get two on a lowboy trailer, with no escort and you will not need a massive crane for mobilzation and demob. This saves time and money on the trucking and crane rental.

Even though these barge sectionals are short in height and lite they maintain a capacity of 37,000 lbs at a 2’6” draft (how much of the barge is underwater) . This makes it ideal for projects in shallow water or heavy currents and still be able to use them in deep water too.

Our Sectional Barges use Poiseden’s Easy Hairpin Connection system which makes setting up and breaking down a breeze. This is a simple yet durable pinning system unlike some of the moving or mechanical systems that can get corroded and do not go together or come apart easily, adding hours to the setup and break down.

This Barge setup also utilizes external spud pockets with the same Easy Hair Pin Connection System. The spuds Pockets can be placed in any configuration along the outside of the barge. This makes it ideal for narrow work areas.

The spud pockets also have mounted hydraulic winches that raise and lower the spuds, no need for a crane to raise and lower the spuds. In addition to not having the additional cost of needing a crane it also makes every barge move much quicker, if you are familiar with moving barges you know this time can really add up, saving hours over the course of a job. In addition, the proper hydraulic power pack is included with the rental of these systems

You can get spuds up to 70’ long, which allows you to work in water as 55’. No need for an anchor system that is often used in deeper water. All of our spuds use a two-part cable system which allows for smaller hydraulic units, no need to waste valuable space on the barge.

10’x10 rakes are also available with the same pinning system. The rakes make the barge more hydrodynamic allowing less resistance in heavy current or ruff seas. These make moving the barge in these conditions much more efficient.

These barge setups also offer removable cleats that simply bolt-on. Making it simple to place the cleats in any configuration that is needed or simply remove them if they are in the way of your work.

We also offer a full barge service which includes trucking, setup and break down and push boat service to move your barge around if needed, leaving you to only have to worry about your work at hand.

  • Sectional Barges – Highly Mobile and allows you to set up your work platform in many versatile configurations.
  • 40’ x 10’ x 5’ barge sections weighing 23,100 lbs – Making trucking easy and keeping your platform close to the water
  • Capacity of 37,000 lbs @ 2’6’’ draft per section – Gives you a large capacity with little draft making it great for shallow water and deep as well
  • Easy Hair Pin Connection System – No Mechanical connections making set up and break down easily.
  • External Spud Pockets– Can Pin in any configuration, Ideal for tight work areas
  • Hydraulic Spud Winches– Move the barge much quicker with no need for a crane to raise and lower the spuds saving you hours over the course of a job
  • Spuds up to 70’ long– Allows you to work in water depths up to 55’ without the need for large anchors
  • 10’x10’ Rakes – Making your barge more hydrodynamic, Ideal for heavy current, boat wakes, and seas.
  • Removable Cleat System – This allows you to set your cleats in any configuration.
  • Full Barge Service – Includes trucking, Set up and Break Down, and push boat service for moving your barge around.

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